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Hi there! I am Davide Ricotti and I was born in Stradella (PV) in 1964. When I was a child I already loved fishing with a pole rod and a float during the week end, together with my family. The first catches were pumpkinseed and black bullhead but I was fascinated by the bigger fish that were swimming all around. So the reel was the way to cast a lure and not only to retrieve a fish. And I became a predator angler.

After more than 25 years I still cast plenty of lures, both from the shore and the boat, I fish for wild trout in small creeks and in the Po river, I fish asp, zander and silure. For all this time I shared my theories and knowledge with many anglers and I know that after each conversation I had, I always got something interesting from other people.

Roberto Cazzola, a super expert predator angler, taught me to understand the true casting power of a blank and the different actions. Roberto Trabucco, a world class angler and several times World Champion, gave me the opportunity to be part of his team and to share my knowledge with the whole Rapture team. Together we succeed to create new rods and I am proud that these rods have something of me inside their carbon!

I met many people during the national and international shows and in 2011 I co operated with the Hungarian national team, sponsored by Rapture. I think I did a very good job and I was a good guide, since the Hungarians won the World Championship!

I am an active member of S.C.I. (Spinning Club Italia), an association that teach train people to the catch&release, and together with my friends I organize special days where I can teach the young children to enjoy fishing and respecting the environment.



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