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Completely structured in light and strong cast aluminum alloy and made very elegant by the nice matt black finish, this series with oversized spool core is characterized by a “V” throat profile that can accommodate a greater amount of backing, practically the insurance on the success of a difficult catch, when the fish develops a sudden and long, endless run.

The large diameter of the spool’s core (large harbor), a concept that has almost replaced the traditional design, causes an increase of the cranking speed and casting distances, with a simultaneous reduction of the number of coils and of the tangle’s risk. The disc drag is remarkably powerful, and is governed by a raised knob for easy use. The reel can quickly be converted from right to left, pulling the roller bearing and turning it over. The protective cloth bag and the brilliant packaging that serves as a counter display are particularly interesting ideas.

032-97-030 #3/4 75 WF3+100Yds #20 / WF4+50Yds #20 2+1RB
032-97-050 #5/6 85 WF5+125Yds #20 / WF6+100Yds #20 2+1RB
032-97-070 #7/8 95 WF7+175Yds #30 / WF8+150Yds #30 2+1RB