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You don’t need to be expert in fly fishing or graduated in mechanical engineering to recognize at first contact the extraordinary quality of these super lightweight reels.

Both the body and the spool are machined from a solid piece of aluminium under the assistance of the computer, as certified by the characteristic micro-grooves left by the tool, which are easily visible through a good magnifying glass. So the structure is much more rigid than a cast one, and the rate of required resistance is achieved with thinner gauges, to the advantage of lightness. The anodized surface has finally allowed to reach a perfect balance between the need to protect the structure from oxidation and to fix the colour. The body design with three rays makes its overall appearance extremely sporty and aggressive, while the oversized diameter of the spool’s core (large harbor) is the seal that attests the modernity of the reel, with its high retrieve speed, the sweet release of line coils and the outstanding consistency of drag performances. The reel can easily be converted from right to left, and is equipped with cloth bag. The transparent box showcases its beauty already on the store shelf.

032-96-020 #2/3 70 WF2+75Yds #20 / WF3+40Yds #20 2+1RB
032-96-030 #3/4 75 WF3+100Yds #20 / WF4+50Yds #20 2+1RB
032-96-040 #4/5 80 WF4+110Yds #20 / WF5+75Yds #20 2+1RB
032-96-050 #5/6 85 WF5+125Yds #20 / WF6+100Yds #20 2+1RB