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It takes name from one of the brightest stars of the Milky Way, this brilliant rod which offers a combination of extreme lightness and unexpected responsiveness. “Stunning stuff!” you are likely to say, and it’s terribly true, thanks to Rapture technology.

And it is exactly the most advanced technology that manages the raw materials to create rods like these. First of all, the blank is structured from Nano Carbon, a material which responds to stresses with extraordinary promptness, returning 100% of the received energy to project the lure where we want or to drive an important fish to our waiting landing net. The external layers are crossed at 45° and 135° to contrast the torsion from the start, cancelling it. The guides are at the top of the Sea Guide range, incorporating SiC-RS rings with a very thin profile and K shaped frames to dissolve line’s tangles in the bud. With nylon or braided lines, Acrux get the best from the universe of lures such as minnows, metal lures and silicone baits weighing between 7 and 50 grams. Their handle is quite simply a masterpiece to be admired.

126-51-100 ARS762ML 2.28 cm 117 cm 2 ML XF 7-21 g 7-15 lb 8 K-SiC
126-51-200 ARS802ML 2.43 cm 123 cm 2 ML XF 7-21 g 7-15 lb 8 K-SiC
126-51-300 ARS802M 2.43 cm 123 cm 2 M XF 7-28 g 8-18 lb 8 K-SiC
126-51-400 ARS802MH 2.43 cm 123 cm 2 MH XF 10-35 g 10-20 lb 8 K-SiC
126-51-500 ARS862MH 2.59 cm 133 cm 2 MH XF 10-35 g 10-20 lb 8 K-SiC
126-51-600 ARS902H 2.74 cm 139 cm 2 H XF 15-50 g 12-25 lb 8 K-SiC