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Sysma has been designed with computer assistance: it looks like a classic teardrop shape, but has two “shoulders” that slow down its fall and produce an inimitable sound.

As a matter of fact, it sinks to the bottom at the same speed as the pellets used in breeding farms, something that the trout trust a lot, which makes the spoon very effective in the search of difficult fish during competitions, or through the spawning time, especially if it is used in slow go up and down near the bottom. All the colour variants belong to the Cluster class, sprayed to obtain absolutely random effects without causing any glare. Single hook made from hi-carbon steel with barbless 3D Cut point.

188-08-301..310 28 mm 1.8g #08
188-08-331..340 28 mm 2.2g #08
188-08-361..370 28 mm 2.6g #08