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Fast action and general specification say that this series is destined to saltwater spinning, from shore as well as from boat, but this is a too simple definition for a project which actually groups three series in one only.

The predators which attack on top water the shoals of minnows, creating the conditions we all know as bonanzas, can be caught through lures diversified by size, weight and swimming attitude, ranging from the few grams of some soft lures to reach the heavier weights of Jigs, Stickbaits and Poppers. For that reason, we have designed three different rods, each one with a precise destination of use but all with the best possible structure, which is made of an offset butt handle, plus a long top section carrying all guides, prepared to face the stress caused by braided lines.

Long Jerk & Soft Lure
Rod dedicated to fishing for small predators; such as Sea Bass, Bluefish, Mackerel and Little Tunny, using jerk bait and silicone lures on jig heads.

Heavy Jerk & Stickbait
Specific model designed for light popping, it is also excellent with large jerk and stick bait in search of Bluefish, Barracuda, Little Tunny and Frigate Tuna.

Shore Jig & Surface Game
Designed for Topwater with Popper and WTD, but equally good for shore jigging. Suitable for long fights with Bluefish, Small Tuna, Lichia and Barracuda.

169-16-100 Long Jerk & Soft Lure 7’4” -2.25 m 173 cm 1+1 F 7-40 g 10-25 lb 8 K-Sic
169-16-200 Heavy Jerk & Stickbait 7’9” -2.35 m 188 cm 1+1 F 10-60 g 12-30 lb 8 K-Sic
169-16-300 Shore Jig & Surface Game 8’3” -2.50 m 199 cm 1+1 F 15-80 g 12-30 lb 8 K-Sic