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A perfect mix of technology and tradition in a wide range of rods designed for stream fishing, where the differences between a tool and another one require a high level of experience and skills to be appreciated.

But the Iride TRX series is able to gratify even the enthusiast who chooses a single rod to deal with his favourite environments, relying on the advice of the trusted dealer. The choice must be calibrated not on the size of the fish of possible capture, which never represents a threat to the blanks structured from CX Nano Carbon, but on the type of lures normally used, with an eye to the required casting distances, because, for example, the lake environments usually require longer lengths and powers than running ones. With the special SiC guide configuration and the cooperation of the special thin diameter’s tubular tips, the series is prepared to handle the braided lines, nowadays increasingly used in trout fishing. So you can push the smallest spoon or spinner very far, as well as tiny minnow that can solve the fishing day, managing them in full sensitivity. The natural cork grips at the highest quality incorporate fantastic reel seats made from wood and carbon, designed to achieve no encumbrance at all in the user’s hand in order to provide maximum comfort.

126-81-100 IRS602-UL 6’ 0” - 1.83 m 95 cm 2 UL RS 0.5-5 g 1-5 lb / Pe 0.2-1.0 9 SiC
126-81-200 IRS662-UL 6’6” - 1.98 m 102 cm 2 UL RS 0.5-5 g 1-5 lb / Pe 0.2-1.0 9 SiC
126-81-300 IRS662-L 6’6” - 1.98 m 102 cm 2 L R 0.8-8 g 2-6 lb / Pe 0.3-1.2 9 SiC
126-81-400 IRS702-L 7’ 2” - 2.13 m 110 cm 2 L R 0.8-8 g 2-6 lb / Pe 0.3-1.2 9 SiC
126-81-500 IRS762-L 7’6” - 2.28 m 118 cm 2 L RS 0.8-8 g 2-6 lb / Pe 0.3-1.2 9 SiC