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Surely Rapture's Hiroshi Flash Minnow has been able to earn its own personal space in the market, while becoming one of the most popular lures in Europe. This special lure achieved a deadly combination thanks to its realistic profile and its holographic colors.

The results we achieved with the combination of sizes, shapes, actions and holographic colours, will make this Hiroshi Flash Minnow Series (despite it being a small lure) your favourite lure for every freshwater predator. Thanks to its sinking action, this minnow can be easily retrieved even in fast running waters. Top quality materials and super sharp treble hooks make this lure reliable in every situation. The 7 cm version is available in both floating and sinking action. Both versions (5 and 7 cm) can be employed both in fresh and saltwater fishing. Hiroshi Flash Minnow are provided with Power Point Black Nickel hooks for extreme sharpness and high durability.

180-22-0 _ _ HIROSHI MINNOW 50 50 mm SINKING 2.5g 0-1.0 m #12 Black Nickel
180-22-1 _ _ HIROSHI MINNOW 70 70 mm FLOATING 6.0g 0-0.6 m #08 Black Nickel
180-22-2 _ _ HIROSHI MINNOW 70 70 mm SINKING 6.5g 0.5-1.5 m #08 Black Nickel