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Sniper Max Vibe is the perfect complement to Sniper series. Sniper Vibe is a lipless sinking crankbait, perfect to fish over deep structure, ripped through grass or burn it in open waters.

Perfect for suspending or schooling fish, Sniper Max Vibe produces a wild swimming, with tight wobbling action combined to a lethal rattling sound. It can be fished with a linear retrieve, exploring the water column simply by varying the retrieval speed, or for deeper water presentations you can alternate a steady retrieve by using your rod tip to make the lure rise and fall (YoYo Retrieve). The precise weighting system gives it a seductive shimmy on the drop and allows for long distance casts!

180-42-8_ _ SNIPER MAX VIBE 70LP 70 mm SINKING 17.3g Variable #06 Black Nickel