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Sniper Max 70D is a mid-depth crank bait with a linear body, not too big not too small, that delivers a look and action simply right!

Excellent to fish over deep water structure, for suspending or schooling fish, Sniper Max Vibe produces a wild swimming, with much wider wobble than most crankbaits with a fish-attracting turbulence trail matched to a lethal bass rattling sound able to grab the predator attention, without spooking them! Sniper dive it quickly and sustain its true running depth for the majority of the retrieve. The deflective bill design and its high buoyancy characteristics also allow it to back up and float out of snags. Sniper Max 70D will raise the bar on mid-depth crankbaits!

180-42-9_ _ SNIPER MAX 70D 70 mm FLOATING 19.5g 0-3.0 m #4 Black Nickel