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Sniper 50MR is a medium depth runner crankbait designed to take finesse cranking to the next level!

Perfect for those tough, high pressured spots, Sniper 50MR features a unique design to hunt erratically with a vivid wobbling action and generate strikes from finicky fish. While the precisely shaped lip, weight transfer system, and chunky body work together to get into the strike zone quickly when casting in and around to structure or heavy cover. For an added element of attraction, the Sniper 50MR even produces a faint rattle that will attract bass, but won’t spook them. Sniper is packed also with an incredibly lifelike scaling pattern, the big Sniper elongated eyes that bass simply love and seal the deal on strikes!

180-42-5_ _ SNIPER 50MR 50 mm FLOATING 8.0g 0-1.8 m #10 Black Nickel