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The Sniper 50SR features a compact body with an aggressive action that is made to dive into shallow water and sniff out big bass and pike.

A finesse crank designed for crashing thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, cranking rocks, or just burning in open water. Sniper is affixed with a durable square bill, features a fast wobbling action, reaching the desired diving depth quickly and delivering a deadly deflection able to generate violent reaction strikes. Despite its small sizes, Sniper 50SR is also built with a precise weighting system that allows for long distance casts - even in windy conditions. Sniper 50MR delivers a powerful shallow water presentation that locks onto big bass and pike – and won’t let go!

180-42-4_ _ SNIPER SQUAREBILL 50SR 50 mm FLOATING 8.0g 0-1.0 m #10 Black Nickel