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This lure has been specifically designed for asp fishing and have been built with great accuracy. The fulcrum of this bait is the heavy lead body which allows super long casting.

Its shape is also perfect to be retrieved very fast, and easily keeps a vertical position. In case of use from the boat, this lure keeps the depth very well, thanks to the low centre of gravity and to the dorsal position of the line connection’s eye. The tail willow spoon is adding attractive vibrations and flashes that will stimulate the attack from predators, as it spins quite well, due to high speed BB swivel’s assistance.

180-21-00_ ASP SPIN ‘N’ JIG 33 mm SINKING 14.0g Variable #6 Treble-Black Nickel
180-21-01_ ASP SPIN ‘N’ JIG 36 mm SINKING 21.0g Variable #4 Treble-Black Nickel
180-21-02_ ASP SPIN ‘N’ JIG 40 mm SINKING 28.0g Variable #4 Treble-Black Nickel