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Metallic sinking lure weighing just 3,7 grams and 22 millimeters long. It is made with a metal body, specially shaped with a thick belly to keep the vertical swimming position and simulating a small prey fish. A “colorado” blade has been added in the rear part to add extra attractive flashes during the retrieve.

The Vibe Spin in equipped with a chemically sharpened Powerpoint barbless single hook #8, finished in Black Nickel for durability and so it is perfect to be used in reservoirs, where the rules force you to safely release the fish. High quality snap, swivel and split rings complete the lure. We suggest to use it fishing for perch in small and medium lakes, with an up and down retrieve close to the bottom, and for trout fishing in small and quiet streams.

180-20-0_ _ VIBE SPIN 22 mm SINKING 3.7g Variable #8 Black Nickel Barbless