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The Viber is an atypical lure and cannot fit the standard classification, being not exactly a vibration lure, nor a minnow and not even a spoon. We can define it a moving colour element that can surprise the predators when used close to the bottom.

The body is a flat slice of lead that has been painted in bright colours and given two 3D eyes. This lure can be used choosing between two configurations, just moving the snap from one to the other of the two holes located on its back. Just 2.8 grams heavy and 22 millimetres long, it is of course a sinking lure. It is equipped with a single Powerpoint barbless hook #8, chemically sharpened and protected against abrasion by a fantastic Black Nickel finish. We recommend to use the Viber for perch fishing in Springtime and Autumn, especially in deeper waters, where it can trigger the big ones to attack.

180-20-1_ _ VIBER 22 mm SINKING 2.8g Variable #8 Black Nickel Barbless