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Fishing on feeding bonanzas is one of the most exciting techniques of sea spinning, that today lives a real boom in the Mediterranean sea. The sighting of the spot where the activity of predators focuses small forage fish is facilitated by the excitement involving sea birds, and is a vital part of the game.

In such circumstances, ideal lures are the metallic casting jigs, HOOKng which stands the Shirasu, the specific proposal of Rapture characterized by unique profile, designed with the computer assistance to obtain an optimal flight attitude and reach great distances, without disturbing the fish shoal. We recommend a linear retrieve at good speed, in order to stimulate the attack from Bluefish, Leerfish, Bonitos and Little Tunny. To facilitate the use of these jig during dark hours, like dawn and dusk, the range of available colours includes four versions with glowing paint finish, which can take in light from a lamp and produce an irresistible attraction. The metalware has a double configuration: in the head area, an assists hook dressed with a crystal feather, connected via a Japanese PE cord, while a strong hi-carbon steel treble hook, with 3D Cut points, is fixed on tail end by a heavy duty stainless steel split ring. On the body of each jig the weight in grams is finely engraved.

181-11-2_ _ 50 mm 20 g #3D Cut Assist & Treble
181-11-3_ _ 55 mm 30 g #3D Cut Assist & Treble
181-11-4_ _ 60 mm 40 g #3D Cut Assist & Treble
181-11-6_ _ 70 mm 60 g #3D Cut Assist & Treble