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Killer Magnum is a superb lure for Mediterranean and exotic offshore trolling.

It allows to troll at good speed down deeper in the hottest strike zone. The big size will select good sized predators. All the colours has been carefully chosen between the more popular amongst the anglers of every country. All finishes are top class, including 3D glass eyes and holographic painting that will last for a very long time. All the trebles are tin finished and reinforced (3X) to face the strongest fights with bigger fish: you can rely on them all the time. Available in 14 cm (diving 7 meters) and 18 cm (diving 9 meters).

180-15-0_ _ KILLER MAGNUM 140 mm SINKING 50.0g Max 7 m #2/0 Permanent Steel
180-15-1_ _ KILLER MAGNUM 180 mm SINKING 98.0g Max 9 m #9/0 Permanent Steel