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Designed for surface fishing, typically in the summer time, since ever the Popper is a pillar of sea spinning, with its typical rhythmic sound, dictated by the rod.

In this model of 12 centimetres it stands out the oval shape of the front, which pushes away a substantial amount of water, creating a relevant puff. Despite its compact size, the Raiden Pop is equipped for the most strenuous battles, having the steel wire that runs through the body to connect the front ring to the two holding hooks: an important detail if you think that this lure will be hunt by Bonitos, Bluefish and assorted Thunnidae. The high weight to volume ratio really improves the ballistic properties and stability of swimming when sea is rough. The wide range of available colours includes a Glowing, which absorbs light and spreads it in water for a long time: try it in semi-darkness conditions and see what happens!

180-18-5_ _ RAIDEN POP 120 mm FLOATING 44.5g Top Water #02 Permanent Steel