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Rapture's Popping Lure "Tidepop" represents the state of the art in topwater popping lures!

Tidepop features a large concave head and a typical dumbbell shaped body. Designed to deliver a greater surface action to move huge volumes of water while creating a distinctive noisy pop, it creates splashes and sparkles, to grab the predator attention. Apart from its outstanding action, Tidepop allows to easily reach incredible distances with extra accuracy even in strong wind conditions. It features one piece wire-through design, and a unique ABS internal body construction to deliver ultimate body strength. Tide Pop main target are generally good size predators such as bluefish, leerfish, yellowtail, schooling tunny or other pelagic predators, but its bigger size can successfully withstand redfin tuna, roosterfish and GT as well!

180-07-8 _ _ TIDE POP 120 mm FLOATING 24.0g Top Water #01 Permanent Steel
180-07-9 _ _ TIDE POP 140 mm FLOATING 37.0g Top Water #02 Permanent Steel