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A well-known hi-tech lures that meet the demands of serious anglers!

The Corsaro, now available in 100 and 140mm, features excellent flying properties to reach great distances with ease thanks to the aerodynamic body and the weight positioning. But it’s once Corsaro hits the water that delivers the best performance, even with light twitching, Corsaro splashes the water well accompanied by a sweet pop sound to attract the predators to reach out. The one-piece wire construction lead to no compromise on reliability to withstand the strongest fighter. A great allrounder Corsaro is perfect to catch medium and large size predators, such a bluefish, leerfish, dolphinfish , schooling tunny or other pelagic predators. Definitely a topwater master you won’t really miss in your bait selection!

180-19-9_ _ CORSARO 100 mm FLOATING 14.5g Top Water #02 Permanent Steel
180-06-5_ _ CORSARO 140 mm FLOATING 40.0g Top Water #1/0 Permanent Steel