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Sapphire is a truly allrounder jerk-minnow, fully pack with great innovations and technically advances solutions, from the polycarbonate body construction, through the new UV paints, the “Weight Moving” system and the advanced aerodynamic design that allows to easily reach great distances.

The body shapes is a true revolution, with triangular shaped structure with the centre of gravity positioned in the upper portion and with wide side walls, which allow Sapphire to deliver a perfect swimming action also in presence of waves and current. Moreover, this particular construction combined with the body transparency and the inner holographic sheet, let Sapphire to produces flash and lights to stand out from the environment and to grab predator attention and entice the attack. The polycarbonate body integrated lip is angled to deliver an erratic side-to-side swimming action. Sapphire can be successful fish with several methods, including a retrieve & pause, slow to moderate retrieve, or a twitch-pause-retrieve fashion. A real joker for saltwater fishing, Sapphire can be successfully fished from the shore targeting seabass, bluefish and many other species; as well as fished offshore for mackerel, atlantic bonito and other pelagic species. A concentrate of technology in a great potential lure!

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer highly crystalline and durable, with great refractive index. Thanks to its transparency, it’s a great material for lure body production especially for those suited to saltwater fishing or in every conditions where the clear waters could compromise the bait presentation.

180-19-4_ _ SAPPHIRE 90 mm FLOATING 7.5g 0.2-1.2 m #06 Permanent Steel
180-19-5_ _ SAPPHIRE 110 mm FLOATING 13.0g 0.2-1.2 m #04 Permanent Steel