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Jerk minnow featuring a very compact and heavy body, suitable for sea spinning both from the shore and from the boat, which reaches important casting distances.

Its small size directs him to cold weather fishing, when the available forage fish is rather small. But let’s not forget that a tiny offer is always accepted by the fed up predators, so a couple of casts with the Shore Rush are always worth a try even in summer season, with high speed retrieve style. The special dorsal fin stabilizes the swimming action, while the lip surface and its inclination make it swim at significant depth, up to three meters mark from the surface. In the pauses of retrieve it sinks, simulating the attitude of a suffering little fish and unleashing the aggression by Bluefish, Leerfish, Sea Bass, Bonitos and Little Tunny. Very interesting is the range of available colours, with classic and bright colour, all with quality finish and details.

180-18-2_ _ SHORE RUSH 80 mm SINKING 24.5g Variable #04 Permanent Steel