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Very interesting Jerk minnow featuring a high weight to volume ratio, a specification which produces two interesting results.

Firstly, it makes the lure fly to considerable distances; on the other hand it lets it dive down up to four meters from the surface, where it assumes a linear and constant path (in fact, DR means Deep Runner). This sum of specifications makes it ideal for spinning from the shore, as well as from the boat, getting a special attention from Bluefish, Leerfish, Little Tunny and Bonitos, practically a wide universe of marine predators which are particularly aggressive and fast in their defence, whose population is growing in the Mediterranean, at the same pace of their hunter’s panel. Among the available colours, the two solutions predominantly white really stand out, as they are highly effective during low light hours; in particular, the Glowing shows the ability to absorb radiations provided by a light source, slowly releasing them in the water to attract the predator’s attention. Power Point Carbon steel hooks for extreme sharpness and high durability.

180-18-3_ _ SALTRIDE DR 90 mm SINKING 28.0g Variable #04 Permanent Steel