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The brand new LD 200 represents a completely new addition to the Supertide family, not just a larger size but a new project, developed to redesign the concept of long jerk! It won’t replace, but just maintaining and improving in certain circumstances the excellent performance of the Supertide LD 175.

It doesn’t happen frequently to find a lure that includes a so aerodynamic shape, a perfect swim and a superior castability. You can bet you can cast your Super Tide LD (Long Distance) a mile away. A medium-fast retrieve produces a sinuous swimming action able to draw sea bass attention from a long distance. If you jerk it every now and then you will see it scatter wildly like a wounded fish. Usually the strong attack happens in this moment. Bluefish and barracuda are other species that will find the Super Tide LD a nice food, especially if you will add more heavy jerks during the retrieve.

180-42-0 _ _ SUPERTIDE LD 200 200 mm FLOATING 34.0g 0-1.0 m #04 Permanent Steel