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The ultimate solution on buzz bait development, engineered by the Rapture Team and individually handcrafted to guarantee a unique action paired to the highest quality finishes.

The dual-blade is able to move a huge volume of water, produces a tremendous spray and a distinct squeaking sound with bubble trail to create a top water commotion with a highly attractive presentation! The streamlined head profile helps it get on action quickly and slip through cover with ease, matched to the light yet strong aluminium blades to help Twist Buzz raise topwater and remain on the strike zone longer and effortless. Incredible attention to details and during the whole production stages, featuring a fine tune skirt for an improved natural action, lifelike head design with a large 3D eyes and extra-long shank Power Point hook with cone bait keeper, to maximise hook-up ratio and keep in place a the trailer with ease. For an awesome big bass and pike action, look no further than Twist Buzz Double Prop! Twist Buzz Double Prop is able to stay on the surface with very little resistance, to let anglers fish slower around the strike zones delivering and incomparable bait presentation. Twsit Buzz are built with no compromises for the most demanding anglers!

188-21-89_ 1/2oz (14g)
188-21-90_ 3/4oz (21g)