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For the size of the targeted fish and the emotions it can offer, offshore spinning is perhaps the most exciting segment in the world of sport fishing. The specialists who practice it have a fine taste, very clear ideas and, in terms of rods, express special needs that Rapture has been able to understand and transfer into the Ignition rod project.

On the butt section you read “Saltwater Master Build”: it means that the Ignition are born on the sea to give the best in every circumstance. At the risk of casting tangles, not uncommon with braided lines, they put an end with Fuji K guides, fixed with double wrappings to avoid contact with the blank, when its bend speeds up the heartbeat. To the challenge engaged by a running predator they respond with the SX4 Nano Tech carbon structure, able to impose itself with an exceptional linear strength. At sudden changes of direction, including the dreadful passages under the boat, they cope with surface fiber’s weaving, crossed at 45 ° to dissipate stress along the blank.

You’ll not believe how lightweight yet strong a Spin Master is, until you try it! At ease from shore and boat game as well, it’s the perfect tool to deal with jerk, plugs and jigs, thanks to the fast taper blank delivering extra sensitivity and with the backbone to withstand the strongest fighter. Main target is the big bluefish and other medium sized predators.

When the going gets tough, Surface Jerker gets going! Medium taper blanks, extremely lightweight yet powerful and designed to hunt for big pelagic predators on the surface levels, casting heavyweight stick-baits, WTD or Jigs at great distance with ease. Perfect for tuna offshore game or even leerfish, amberjack and many more.

If you need to take the game to a next level that’s the rod you need! Features a medium-taper blank with a huge backbone to play strong fighters, but unbelievable lightweight to let you cast with ease. The action is simply perfect to cast and retrieve big WTD or poppers, in the Mediterranean sea for redfin tuna or equally at home at tropical latitudes for GT.

126-17-100 SPIN MASTER * GNT-S732M 7'3" - 2.13m 172 cm 1+1 M 5.5 Kg 15-45 Max 28lb - 8 Fuji K
126-17-200 SPIN MASTER * GNT-S732MH 7'3" - 2.13m 172 cm 1+1 MH 5.5 Kg 30-90 Max 40lb - 8 Fuji K
126-17-300 SPIN MASTER * GNT-S772MH 7'7" - 2.30m 179 cm 1+1 MH 8 Kg 30-90 Max 40lb - 8 Fuji K
126-17-400 SURFACE JERKER * GNT-S792MH 7'9" - 2.36m 179 cm 1+1 MH 9 Kg 40-100 - #3~#5 8 Fuji K
126-17-500 SURFACE JERKER * GNT-S792HS 7'9" - 2.36m 179 cm 1+1 HS 11 Kg 50-120 - #4~#6 8 Fuji K
126-17-600 SURFACE JERKER * GNT-S832HS 8'3" - 2.50m 185 cm 1+1 HS 11 Kg 50-120 - #4~#6 7 Fuji K
126-17-700 JERK & POPPING * GNT-S812XHS 8'1" - 2.47m 180 cm 1+1 XHS 13 Kg 60-150 - #4~#8 7 Fuji K
126-17-800 JERK & POPPING * GNT-S852XHS 8'5" - 2.56m 190 cm 1+1 XHS 13 Kg 60-150 - #4~#8 7 Fuji K