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Seidan represents the perfect imitation of a most common inshore bait fish, perfect to fish close to delta, rocky shore or in the harbours fishing for the queen… the seabass!

Despite the reduced body sizes, Seidan guarantees excellent performance on the flying to reach great distances as well as in the swimming action, thus thanks to a careful study of the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic flows effects on the body, combined with a perfect balance of the internal weights. The extra-long shaped body and the small lip let us to class the lure into the long-jerk portfolio, even these features do not afflict the swimming action allowing the lure to be perfectly twitched and jerked, producing an hyper-realistic swimming action to entice bait even in sluggish predators. Precision to details and realistic colours are the icing on the cake for this small great lure.

180-19-0_ _ SEIDAN 110mm FLOATING 9.0g 0-0.8m #06 Permanent Steel