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Its strong point is the thin profile of the body, which ends with a particularly fine tail.

In water it mimics the movements of a small minnow, amplifying the inputs coming from the rod’s tip to tease Trout, Perch, Black Bass, Zander and Seabass in difficult swims, maybe subject to high fishing pressure or populated by tiny dimension’s preys. Coloured and scented in the compound, it’s perfect in winter to stimulate aggression of lake Trout, where it can be hooked on a Micro Jig Head, or, when the waters are particularly clear, rigged “finesse” style with Dropshot or Split Shot for a more natural presentation. The range of available colours is very wide and extremely updated. Packaged in resealable bags with individually separated lures.

188-02-4_ _ 3 inch (7,5 cm) 8