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Within the range of Fish Finders, this is the basic model. The instrument is made of a sounder and a float destined to keep it on water’s edge.

A 7 metres long cable connects it to the receiver, whose sizes are quite handy and which is supplied with a lanyard to hang it. On the LED display it’s possible to read a number of information about the below aquatic environment, which is scanned by the sonar to find the depth (from a minimum of 70 centimetres to a maximum of 100 metres), the nature and the hardness of the bottom, the existence and density of vegetation, plus, of course, the presence of fish and their swimming depth. The Fish Finder works with 4 AAA alkaline 1,5V batteries (not supplied), and is designed to operate both in fresh and salt waters, where it’s highly recommended to rinse it in tap water after each fishing session.