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With the relived buzz for lake trout fishing, the progenitor of all metal lures is now back at the center of interest: the spoon has recovered its natural space, so Rapture offers an interesting solution in this set of three pieces.

The blister contains three lures of the same size, but of different weights; two of them are equipped with a single, barbed hook, while the third features a treble hook. The shape of the blade, wide and comparable to a nail, amplifies fluctuations in the retrieve and slows the descent to the bottom during breaks; at that stage, light jerks made with the rod’s tip give vitality to the bait and can suddenly trigger an attack. Ideal for Trout, Chub, Asp, Perch, the Nail Spoon display the logo and weight individually engraved on the blade.

188-06-6_ _ R01 24 mm 1.5 g S #08
188-06-6_ _ R01 24 mm 2.0 g S #08
188-06-6_ _ R01 24 mm 2.5 g T #08
188-06-7_ _ R02 28 mm 2.5 g S #08
188-06-7_ _ R02 28 mm 3.0 g S #08
188-06-7_ _ R02 28 mm 3.5 g T #08