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A slim shaped spoon, whose profile recalls the body of a minnow, also thanks to the large eye intended to draw the predator’s attention already in the early moments of its swimming.

Its blade silhouette, with forwarded center of gravity, has been carefully studied and drawn by computer to optimize the casting distance and flight stability, even in the presence of a headwind. Great lure for lake Trout, Perch, Asp, is also at home in the streams for Trout and Chub, as it quickly reaches the bottom, thanks to the high weight/surface ratio, and keeps swimming very well in the heart of the current. The double ring connection to treble hook eliminates the risk of missing the fish when it jumps out of the water and shakes the head.

188-06-30_ 35 mm 5.0 g 12
188-09-32_ 45 mm 7.0 g 10
188-09-34_ 55 mm 10.0 g 8