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A great classic in the darter jerk family, Momoko has gained a solid reputation over the years for seabass addicts, a real joker on most conditions either on rocky shores, close to a delta or even on sandy bottoms.

The integrated lip design, matched to the weight transfer system, help to minimize aerodynamic resistance, thus to reach long casting distance with ease, delivering a the same time a great swimming action in the upper layers and reducing damages from impacts and resulting particularly suited to fish close to reefs or submerged structures. Easy to use, Momoko can be successful fish in several ways, producing different swimming actions, starting from a moderate a side-side action under a slow and steady retrieve, to a “S” swim action whit a faster speed retrieve to cover a large area in the swim, up to a classic darting action under jerk style retrieve. In both the 120 or 150mm, Momoko is a highly considered bait that can’t miss on your selection!

180-14-4_ _ MOMOKO XL 150 mm FLOATING 24.0g 0-1.2 m #02 Permanent Steel