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The oversized lip of Atlantic Runner places it with certainty among the models dedicated to saltwater trolling, where the maximum speed of 12 knots can bring it to swim without burrs up to over seven meters of depth.

The 3D eyes and the palette of available colours give this lure a great naturalness, while the armor is structured to withstand everything. The treble hooks belong to 3X class, i.e. triple strength, and are made from stainless steel with chemically sharpened 3D Cut points for fast and safe penetration. Inside the body runs a metal core that connects the hooks to the front ring, which is double to prevent the fish from releasing when it shakes its head (SHS Sure Hook Set).

188-44-3 _ _ ATLANTIC RUNNER 180 mm FLOATING 90.0 g 5-7.5 m #02 Permanent Steel