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Windex Lure Helix Spinner Series is a versatile series of spinners appealing to Trout, Chub and Perch.

Thanks to the highest quality profile, Rapture's Winder Spinners are able to express a perfect swimming action even at slow retrieve speeds. A relevant bridge connects the axis of the lure to the blade, allowing it to enter the rotation as soon as the lure lands on the water surface, with the ability to trigger a reaction by any predator present in the immediate proximity. Structured from stainless steel, and carefully finished with bright colors and high strength lacquers, these spinners are characterized by different color tones in order to achieve a particular positive/negative visual impact while swimming. Ideal for hunting Trout in the streams, they turn out to be great for Chub and Perch too. Each spinner reports a finely engraved logo.

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