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Year by year Rapture brand has growing in keen spinning hearts. This responsibility gives us the strenght to go on with more and more engangement in research and in new products development. Our new rods line is the result of these assumptions and enriches our supply. Each single rod is subjected to strict quality tests before their production.Rapture Pro Team

Our goal is always to build spinning rods of high quality and value. Lightness, speed, accuracy of the actual powers declared,quality finishes and attention to detail put the Rapture Spinning range at the top of what is currently available in the market. The extreme versatility allows these rods to target the majority of predators in freshwater and saltwater.

We are always attentive to the evolution of the various fishing disciplines, and therefore, this year we have dedicated ample space to what we believe is the "last frontier" of lures fishing - the so-called "VERTICAL JIGGING". An entire section of our catalogue is dedicated to the presentation of these products that are generating just as much interest from sea anglers. All the products are designed and equipped with the features and components suitable to withstand the salt air and heavy use at sea. At the same time the aesthetics have not been ignored, thereby offering a range of new products that as well as being efficient are beautiful to see and hold.

In this catalogue pages you will find lures, accessories and tackles second to none in matter of quality, performance and reliability. Every single item is moved into production only after having passed strict tests made by Rapture experts. Nevertheless we will not stop to research new building technologies, new materials and new techniques to grant you the most innovative products to satisfy your never ending passion. 

Every single item is moved into production only after having passed strict tests made by Rapture experts. Only after months of work and testing to eliminate the smallest defects is a product ready to be marketed. Rapture’s way of working extends to all its main products, reels, rods, lures and luggage.

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